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The Interview: How to “WOW” Potential Employers

As a job seeker, it is important to know what employers are looking for in a potential employee. Creating or updating a resume is just the preliminary stage, and being one of the fortunate few to get selected for the interview means you are half way there. Sure, you may have the qualifications relevant to the position but in order to seal the deal, you must convey specific characteristics to truly apply for the position. Successfully selling oneself during the interview stage is easier said than done for job seekers. The fact is that this crucial step can be the deciding factor whether or not you get hired.
It is very important to realize that your first impression must be your best impression. You have to be ready to sell yourself to your potential boss and make him/her want to hire you. Initially, employers look for self-confidence and professionalism. A self-confident person is someone who is not timid to ask questions about the company. This positive thinking person recognizes and acknowledges their strengths as well as their weaknesses. He or she does not boast about their triumphs and works on their flaw(s). This person is also very effective at communicating their ideas and view points about random topics.
Often times, the way you dress or the manner in which you speak says a lot about your code of conduct. Professionalism is always welcomed by employers simply because, if you do succeed in attaining the vacant position, you will be representing not only them but the business as well. Showcasing that image to the public is essential for a business to flourish. Having a professional behavior also shows maturity as well as a sense of responsibility and integrity. So, professional behavior is a must to practice, if you have not already mastered the skill.

RECAP: In order to give your best delivery for a vacant position, you only need to master two specific characteristics, self-confidence and professionalism. You should gain the following:
a. Positive Thinking/Attitude
b. Effective Communication Skills
c. Self-Motivation
d. Humility
e. Appropriate Attire
f. Maturity
g. Responsibility
h. Integrity
Happy job hunting!

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