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Dealing with a Negative Work Environment

Having a positive work environment is extremely important if you want to give your best at work. If you are working in a negative environment, it not only brings down your productivity but also has an effect on your motivation level. While most of us hope that we will be provided with a healthy and positive working environment, not all of us are that lucky.

Sometime you might find yourself trapped in a negative environment which is detrimental to the quality of work and the management might not be doing anything to change the circumstance. So what can you do in such circumstances? It is not an option to leave the job as the job market in US is already tough and those who have a job want to keep holding on to their jobs. The best option in such a situation is to make some effort of your own to create a positive working environment which will boost your productivity.

Here are a few tried and tested methods which can help in building a positive atmosphere, minimizing negativity and boosting your overall morale:

Establish Trust:

The most important aspect of having a positive working relationship is establishing a bond of trust between yourself and the other employees. If you lie to them and act as an office gossip no one will be able to trust you and as a result you have to work in a negative environment where no one trusts you and will not share anything with you. Try to be as honest as possible and do not gossip about your colleagues as it creates a negative impression on others.

Be Positive when Communicating:

When you are discussing a presentation or brainstorming an idea, make sure that you listen to what others are saying and be positive in communicating in them. Do not give a negative comment on every idea and if you have to shoot down an idea, be polite and explain why you think it will not work. Keep all your team members in the loop and let them share their thoughts as well.

Share Credit:

When the entire team works on something, everyone should get the credit and if you try to get all the credit for yourself, you will make more enemies with every group assignments. Not only does that make others hostile but also creates a bad impression on the superiors as the employers like to have team players in the company.

Bond with the Co-workers:

When you are working in a professional set up, you end up spending more hours at work than you do at home. There are many people who like to keep to themselves as much as possible and do not socialize at all, as they think that they are better off remaining neutral. However, this is the wrong approach as you can make many friends at work which can help you in taking stress out of your life. You can take small breaks during the day to chat with them and feel rejuvenated afterwards. However make sure that you do not disturb any of your co-workers and only go to chat with them when they are also on a break.

Don’t Play the Blame Game:

No one likes a co-worker or a manager who cannot accept his fault and take responsibility for his actions. So if you make a mistake, do not try to pin it on your juniors or colleagues. Just accept that it was your fault and promise never to repeat it again. After all, everyone is human and nobody can be perfect all the time. Accepting your mistake and owning up to it speaks strongly about your character and will win you the respect of your colleagues.

Be Appreciative:

When a co-worker performs well you should appreciate and encourage him rather than feeling envious. Hard work and special achievements should be recognised and due credit should be given. So always be thoughtful and appreciative of others and you will also be appreciated for your work.

Help Your Colleagues:

One of the best ways to make sure that you are working in a positive environment is to foster a culture of helping out your colleagues when they need your expertise and getting their help when you are stuck at a particular job. By helping each other, co-workers enhance the overall performance of the team and create a positive impression on the bosses.

Decorate your Cubicle:

Sometimes all the negativity that is surrounding you can be because of the physical environment you are working in. Sitting in a standardized cubicle all day long can be depressing and a source of negative energy for many people. You can address this issue by changing the look of your cubicle and turning it into a more pleasant place for you to sit. Put framed pictures of your loved ones beside your computer and place a small plant near your table so that you can feel relaxed and more energetic when you are working.

Celebrations can do Wonders:

Many people do not include their co-workers in celebrations as they consider it against the professional norms. However, by simply bringing in a cake to celebrate your birthday, you can bond with the co-workers and enjoy the time you spend talking to them. Such small acts break the monotony of the day and help you in promoting a positive environment.

Last Words:

The place where you work needs to be a positive and welcoming environment otherwise you might hate getting up in the morning and dread the 8 hours you have to spend at work. By following these simple tips you can enjoy your work by eliminating the negative energy from your working environment.

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