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Are The Staff Meetings Really Important To Be Attended?

Question From The Job Seeker

I am currently employed in an organization from last two years. Just recently, my organization underwent a change in the higher management. This new management has implemented some new rules and strategies for the employees and company processes. Although, the employees are annoyed by almost every strategy introduced by the new management, however, the one that employees find most annoying are the regular staff meetings. The management requires us to attend regular staff meetings on weekly basis with an objective to discuss the routine matters of the office. These meetings apparently turn out to be boring and fruitless.

Are these regular office meetings of any importance for the productivity of the company and is it really important for the employees to attend such meetings? Please suggest.


Answer From Career Post Team

Dear Employee,

Your case is very disturbing, however, very common among the professionals all around the world. Weekly or monthly staff meetings are essential for building and maintaining smooth running practices within an organization. The busier the corporate culture, the more the staff meetings are needed, because there is less time to discuss important issues that come up during the day. It is equally important for smaller procedures to devote this time, to organize and discuss ideas for building the practice. Even when it seems like there is nothing new and interest to discuss, matters of importance will always come up once you take the time to sit together.

Following are the areas that are touched upon and hence enhance the importance of regular staff meetings:

• Improving collective performance, encouraging greater productivity and boosting profits
• Strengthening a sense of togetherness, brand-awareness and corporate identity
• Developing good communication skills within internal teams – a valuable skill which will be translated into customer or client interaction
• Motivating staff to help each other succeed, reinforcing their commitment to working towards a common goal
• Teaching managers and senior staff the crucial arts of communication, delegation and leadership
• Discussing matters concerning changes in office routine, such as: change in lunch periods, hours, vacation time, etc.
• Announcing weekly office statistics
• Open discussion on ideas for generating referrals
• Contributing to a sense of oneness among co-workers
• Discouraging feelings of isolation that can develop when staff members are given routine work assignments that allow only minimal interpersonal communication during the day
• Stimulating useful ideas about how to deal with problems and how to improve the handling of routine situations
• Reducing friction by giving staff members an appropriate forum to air their differences and seek resolution
• Ensuring regular and effective communication

Although the significance of regular staff meetings cannot be undermined, the management should also see to it that these meetings do not create boredom among the staff. It is equally important to remember the points discussed in the meetings. Keep a notebook handy during work and write down questions or concerns which may come up during the day; discuss them at the next staff meeting. Well-run staff meetings provide a number of benefits for any organization and its employees. The point is to make the most of these meetings, rather than taking them as a burden.

Good luck!

Career Post Team

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